Monday, 12 January 2015

2015 Aspirations

Aspirations is probably the most cheesy word I could have picked, but I can't be bothered to go change it at this point in time!

Having reflected on my past year of sewing, I could easily see where I wanted to go with it, and the steps I need to take. My last project of 2014 was a version of New Look 6723, and for the first time I installed (Is that really right? Sounds a bit techy to me...) an invisible zip by hand, and hand sewed the hem and sleeves. It wasn't as horrific as I was expecting, and the zip did not dramatically split open halfway through wearing it as I was worried it would. I also pattern matched tartan for the first time, and did pretty well despite it being a squeeze towards the end fitting the pattern pieces on.
Anyway, long story short is that dress has influenced my sewing goals for the year.

With some Christmas cash I purchased Claire Shaeffer's Couture Sewing Techniques, and a Singer guide to Tailoring.

                                                                                                        Both images via Amazon

This year I want to focus on improving my technique to make longer lasting, better finished garments. I need to refocus and slow down my processes, instead of wanting it finished in 10 minutes. Not only did I hand sew that dress hem, I also did all of those other time consuming things like hand basting and hand gathering, and I didn't die from doing it. I aim to make a nice jacket this year, and hope the tailoring book (which was recommended somewhere I can't remember, it was during a late night blog reading binge) will give me some pointers on how to do a good job.

As well as improving my sewing techniques, I also want to use up my stash. I have plans for most of it, but to ensure I don't just buy all the things, I am going to instill a 20 m limit on new fabric purchases until I have used up at least 3/4 of my stash. Old bed linen is not included in the limit unless I am getting it specifically to wear myself. If it is for muslin purposes then it doesn't count as I am making the effort to make these up in order to improve fitting. This may all seem unnecessary but I have too much, and I want to move house one day and packing sucks big time without having a room rammed full of stuff.

A similar situation is in order for yarn, I have a shocking amount, most of which given to me. I have yarn I have bought for specific projects set aside, but most of it is kinda random assortments of colour and weight. I will be trying to make more hats and scarves for the homeless as I have done previously, and also more hats/mitts/booties for premature babies since I have yarn perfect for it. I am not the world's fastest knitter so my already decided queue of projects will likely last me the year, but I will be able to get through a good chunk of the stash yarn with the smaller items made.
I might document the lot of it in a shameful blog post when I sort it out properly, it is currently in boxes underneath my pressing table and piled up in corners. I nicknamed it yarnia...possible to lose a small child amongst it!

Before this becomes a mega long boring/more boring post, I will cut it here. I don't want to be to specific in setting targets such as x amount of items made, and you can never tell what life will throw at you. I have quantifiable resolutions outside of sewing, I want my hobbies to remain a pleasure not a chore though!

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