Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Is That A Tumbleweed I See Before Me...?

Attack of the absentee blogger strikes again ;)

Life has been a bit insane.

It still is.

 I could tell tales of new jobs, no jobs, creepy as fuck bosses (that one's a goodun), relationship issues, holidays sponsored by Dante, body image meltdowns, degree deferrals, epic chub rub, and a little piece of myself which has died inside, or at least become comatose.

But whatever, if you want those stories it will require gin and probably some sort of cake.

It is now August, and I have been sewing, and I have things for sharing in relation to that. I also will be sharing my 100 things in 1000 days, mostly to keep track of it for myself, and maybe to inspire someone googleing for ideas for their own (I did that, and some peoples lists read more like my weekly to do list - no offence intended - and didn't really inspire me to challenge myself). It is essentially a silly bucket list with a more imminent (hopefully) end date than death. Of course some items are silly or trivial but you need to have a few easy achievers in with the longer term stuff.

Anyway I can't promise much, especially since Netflix came into my life, but I will try not to leave things so empty here.*

*Famous last words hey?!

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