Saturday, 22 August 2015

101 Things In 1001 Days

There will shortly be a separate little tab up top to house the master list of 100 things and showing completed items, provided I remember to update it.

I had a go at doing this challenge before, but I didn't make a very good list, I was in a different place/lifestyle to now, and I think it is one of those things where you are doing it because the act of completing the 101 things is a beneficial process for oneself. I did end up doing some of the things on it anyway such as going blonde (I know, super profound there) but I picked some stupid ass things and I was rolling my eyes in a massive way when that was rediscovered and thrown out a few years ago!
This time I not only want to do it, I *need* to do it. I ain't gonna get all personal here, I like to keep parts of myself to myself, but I think there comes a time in life where you just have to have a little more chicken soup for your soul. I might talk a little bit more about each item as I complete it, not everything warrants it - some things are silly things added just because. So with no further wafflage, here is the list in original format, the permanent version is in useful categories.

1. Make a "weather blanket" - like a weather scarf. Decide if temp or weather.
2. Do Santa Run for Nomad Trust
3. Have a computer game theme 30th and be Lara Croft
4. Make FF VII the board game a reality.
5. Pay off at least 50% of debt not including student loan
6. Make an OTT full on embroidered item of clothing
7. Make a bra
8. Make my own shoes
9. Finish Giger embroidery
10. Teach a sewing lesson
11. Have a hat art exhibition
12. Have fake eyelashes done at a salon
13. Make 5 craftivist pieces & place round town
14. Make successful macarons
15. No MacDo for a year
16. No plastic bags for a year
17. Do 100 hours of volunteering
18. Give blood again
19. Go for a smear test
20. Use elliptical to go distance from Lands End to John O'Groats
21. Visit Brighton
22. Visit Whitby Goth Weekend
23. Do the steampunk festival
24. Knit a proper cardi that fits
25. Finish Pat's cardi
26. Make a constellation blanket
27. Grow an edible plant (and eat something from it)
28. Eat 100% clean for a month
29. Make cheese
30. Knit a pair of socks
31. Finish my hexi quilt
32. Visit Iceland
33. Visit Budapest
34. Make a scrapbook
35. Crochet giant minion
36. Make up 50 "period packs" for the Nomad Trust
37. Make 10 yellow ducks for YDP
38. Pay for a stranger's drink/food
39. Buy £100 of stuff for Lincoln Cat Care
40. Leave a note in a book for a stranger
41. Make a beekeepers quilt
42. Eat GF, DF & Low GI for 3 months
43. Get at least a 2:1 in my degree
44. Make a proper sewing notebook
45. Make a properly tailored jacket
46. Go for 300 walks (at least 20 minutes each)
47. Go for a mani-pedi
48. Visit Nana and Grandad's graves
49. Make a Matrix jumper
50. Kick the Pepsi Max habit
51. Sew an outfit for B
52. Knit more scarves/gloves/hats/blankets for Nomads Trust
53. Do the 30 day squat challenge again
54. Make Lying Cat and The Stalk crochet toys
55. Make 100 Big Knit hats
56. Stand up for an hour a day for 100 days
57. Volunteer for Lincoln conservation group
58. Donate a box of handmade items to New Life Charity
59. Make 10 donkeys for the Donkey Trust
60. Make a box of woolly items for seafarers (Apostleship of the Sea)
61. Do my impossipuzzle
62. Set up a birthday cake baker scheme like in WI Life
63. Volunteer for Lincoln Contact Club
64. Make a croquembouche
65. Volunteer at Age UK Xmas party
66. Paint nails at a nursing home
67. Feed the homeless on Xmas day
68. Donate 100 items to Nomad Trust
69. Donate 100 items to the food larder
70. Make a crochet nativity
71. Go to bed by 10:30pm and get up by 7:30am every day for 1 month
72. Do the Parkrun
73. Make something with a cockatiel on it
74. Have a LOTR marathon
75. Make a chair dance routine to Big Spender
76. Save 100 "pennies" for friendship (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p)
77. Go to a comicon (or similar event)
78. Save £1 for each completed item on this list
79. Successfully do a pinterest hairstyle
80. Make a crochet flower blanket
81. Have a board game night
82. Visit a beach new to me
83. Participate in a yarnbombing
84. Make a stop motion animation
85. Send all 5/6 neighbours a Xmas card
86. Buy popcorn at the cinema
87. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years from the date of writing
88. Spend nothing for a week per month for 12 months
89. Make and display a "craftydermy" piece
90. Milk a cow
91. Have afternoon tea
92. Take my contact lenses out 5/7 days for 6 months
93. *Private*
94. Do 10 things I have pinned (recipe/craft/nail art etc)
95. Enter a competition
96. Learn the basics of a new language
97. Sew a coat
98. Sell 50 items on eBay
99. Take an online class (Not OU)
100. Have a day out with my sister
101. Write an e-book

I am a procrastinator by nature, so when I was aiming to have this list completed by a 11th July to make the 1001 days end on my 31st Birthday. I will now count this as officially ending in 1001 days from now (MAY 19th 2018), but it would be a nice bonus to hit my original target if possible.

Whilst looking online for some ideas when I was stuck, it would appear (as you would probably expect) that most people never finish their lists, most tending to cross out a small proportion of things then abandon it entirely. I am determined not to do so, and will attempt to record progress even if I fail miserably - obviously hoping failure will be more along the lines of good effort!

Have you done one of these lists? Did you complete it, or abandon it?

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