Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Project Wardrobe: The (Late) Half Year Update

Well 3 months late isn't too shoddy hey?! I will only talk about items here that were made, to the best of my knowledge, before June. After that the items will feature in my S/A plans.

Where we left off earlier this year I detailed the current state of my wardrobe, and also my W/S sewing plans. I actually got through most of those with the exception of the Bruyere rip off and the gingham dress refashion. I also had additional projects planned out because of an unexpected holiday to Turkey. A quick survey of my wardrobe suggests I have made the following:

1 x polka dot blouse
4 x SBCC tonic tee
14 x Rosy Lady Shorts (including 3 "sexy" pairs)
1 x Lady Skater style dress
1 x Ginger Jeans
1x Ginger Jeans capri length
1 x Lace trim tank
1 x Hippo dress to lace trim tank refashion
1 x dress to skirt refashion
2 x cropped length leggings

A total of 27 new items! I think I need to sit down with shock!

I can explain the 14 pairs of pants, or 11 not including the three experimental lace pairs, as a holiday was an 8 day holiday, plus I needed a pair for the day either side, and a pair for the day after we got back and my other pants were in the wash. So I made 7 pairs of knickers specifically to make up this number. I have also rag bagged the old RTW knickers that were all ill fitting/had holes. It makes me laugh that I now only have plain black knickers (with different coloured elastics) in my undie drawer, even if it was only because I was using black jersey from my stash.

The cropped leggings were sadly too short in the waist, and a little tight. Made for holiday, well traveled, never worn. I will wait until I have shed a few pounds and then remove the existing elastic and add some more jersey and a new waistband. Nobody will be looking at that part of them so I'm not worried about weird seaming.

The full length Gingers are almost worn through at the thighs now, the capris were a juicy bonus as I made them using the leftover denim from my first and second gingers (same denim from the same place) so they felt like a freebie! I didn't have enough to put back pockets on but I don't mind. They fit a bit snug in the waist due to the combined effects of woven facing and the waistband being cut on the non stretch grain. I thought that it wouldn't matter as I always used a non stretch facing before, but it does make them a little bit tighter.

Wearing my black lace strap tank and Ginger capris in Turkey. Trying to surreptitiously get photo with the camel!

I'm super pleased with the grey dress refashion, that jersey has made a lovely tank, so slinky, very flattering to wear. The dress to skirt refashion is not so hot. Considering donating it.

The Lady Skater style dress is well worn, not for the warmer months, and would change a  few things if I made another. The SBCC tees are 50-50. the two I made first were in a bad choice of jersey and a little short in front. I think it looks quite trendy, but I prefer more coverage. Second two were made longer but I would actually still add a bit more length.

Star of the show is the blouse. I bodged a pattern for it out of the New Look pattern my tartan dress was made from. It wasn't precise, or perfect, but the resulting blouse is in constant rotation. Only problem is I forgot to interface the button bands and two of the lower buttons come open occasionally. I could sew the placket up to eliminate this if I wanted to as I can get the blouse on and off without undoing it.
Terrible mirror selfie on holiday! Love my blouse though <3

As far as existing wardrobe items are concerned, there are a few I am considering getting rid of, but not a huge amount. I think that a sizable amount will go in the new year though. A few of my RTW tops are now getting to the past it entirely stage, I also purchased a kaftan from Sainsburys which was ok in Turkey, but is too holiday item looking for me to put on at home. They had no black the buttheads. I have also purchased a fine knit cardigan as an emergency item for a job. I like it a lot so actually have little buyers remorse. I can't knit a cardi that fine, and sewing one would probably look like a dogs dinner for my first few attempts.

How is every one else doing with following sewing plans?

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