Friday, 11 September 2015

"Lady Skater" Style Dress From SBCC Tonic Tee

Happy Friday folks!

Last week I finally got round to taking some photos of my Lady Skater rip off dress, and of the billion taken a few were not entirely terrible even if I do have a touch of the "about to start impersonating Michael Flatley" kinda vibe in them.

I made this dress in April, I wanted a new dress to wear for my birthday so most likely I started it in good time....the day before ;)

Sleeping or looking at something interesting on the floor - you decide!
I lightened the pics to aid in actually seeing a black garment, and yes, knickers and bra also match...

So I started off with the SBCC Tonic Tee pattern and scooped out the neck at the front and back, then shortened it to hit at my natural waist. I may have measured it, or just put a bodice pattern on top to compare lengths, it was a while ago and I can't remember exactly.

I feel like the princess of darkness with these glorious sleeves!

There look to be drag lines in this pic but I'm not sure if it is the position of my arm. I drafted some facings for the neck and it sits pretty well. I sewed down the back facing but not the front and it stays in place fine without flipping. I have noticed a bit of gaping in the neckline in some positions so I would consider a bit of clear elastic in the seam in future. I used the sleeves I made up for some other garment, possibly for the Lisette Traveller dress. I really need to invest in some hilarious 80's patterns for some statement sleeve goodness, I L-O-V-E puffy, gathered, ruched, layered, pleated, bold sleeves. It's just a thing...I cant help it! I put a little lace over the shoulder seams for added interest too.

Is that a donut over there?
I believe I used the skirt pieces for the Lisette Traveller dress which is just a gathered A line. I will have shortened it from the top to increase the gathers and keeping the width at the bottom. I used clear elastic in the waist seam but my overlocker just seemed to push it out from under the foot whenever possible, and my sewing machine hates it too. I would try using a regular elastic next time perhaps. I'm not sure if there is better clear elastic available but the "Hemline" brand stuff which is all I seem to be able to get my hands on is pretty wide and a bit rubbery, not like the stuff I have seen used in RTW. If youknow of a UK source for that type of clear elastic please tell me!

This kinky shot reveals the special surprise of this fabric - it is grey on the other side! The fabric is a double sided ponte, gloriously thick and soft, and had I known how nice it was I would have ordered more! If I had put more thought into it I could have made the dress reversible, but lets face it, I would not wear such a light grey! As you can see I just overlocked the edge and sewed a small hem.

Overall I am thrilled with this dress, and now the temperature has dropped again I look forwards to wearing it more often - although really in England it is only July and perhaps a week either side where it is too hot for anything other than a flimsy sun dress. It could do with being taken in an inch either side of the bodice, but now it is in my wardrobe I am less inclined to mess about with it, a belt suffices to be honest.

This was an easy "hack", and I recommend it wholeheartedly if you haven't purchased the Lady Skater and don't mind a tiny bit of work making the facing pattern pieces....and y'know it's cheaper!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Looks awesome on you hun and love the model poses too :p