Monday, 21 September 2015

Fall Essentials Sew Along (FESA)

I had already half written a post about my sewing plans when the announcement for FESA popped up in my blog roll so I decided to scrap that and join in.

I participated last year (on my old blog) and even though I didn't get all my planned items finished I also didn't do too badly either. For those who aren't familiar, the sew along is the brainchild of Sarah who blogs over at Rhinestones and Telephones which is where you will find out the full details of the sew along categories.

Having had a good think about it, I have decided upon a few definites, and a few "if I get the time" items.

Fabulous Foundations For Frosty Weather:

Closet Case Patterns Ginger Jeans
Simplicity 2700 (source)

I have the denim pre-washed and ready to use for two pairs of Gingers. My remaining full leg length pair finally went pop and wore through at the thighs so replacements are a must. I decided to make two at once since it is most definitely trouser weather here now and I should wash them more often than I do (yeah that's a bit gross I know).

If I get time I will make another pair of the Simplicity 2700 amazing fit trousers. Not sure if I have anything in the stash suitable and I am loathe to use my precious yardage of herringbone linen on them.

Chic Chemises For Cooler Climates:

I guess this one is a bit of a cheater... I have two blouses basted together that have been dumped in a basket for several months that I will be finishing, they were cut at the same time as my beloved polka dot blouse from the pattern I bodged together.

I also have an unfinished New Look 6212. I have no idea why I thought this was a good pattern to purchase, I was swayed by being able to use up some of my chiffon stash. Aaaand I didn't notice there were no bust darts for shaping. I have the main body of version B sewn up, Just the collar and button plackets left (I don't want the pockets) but I am going to have to do french seamed fish eye darts in the front for a last ditch attempt at salvaging this. I look hideously enormous with no shaping.

Fabulous Frocks:


I will make no secret of the fact I will always love this pattern. It may not be the popular shirt dress of the blogosphere but I can't get enough of it! I have made 5 dresses and 3 blouses from it so far - that may not sound like much but I am a more conservative sewist than some so proportionally it is a lot.

I have some black flannel lined up for a 1/2 or 3/4 length puff sleeved, full skirted, cozy winter dress.

Underneath It All:

I intend to make a half slip from some suitable black fabric found lurking in my stash. It must have been hidden there for over 7 years! If I have the yardage in my stash I will pop a lace trim on the bottom, if not it will remain plain.

Tender Tootsies:

I would be optimistic if I said I will knit some socks, but I would like to at least start a pair.

Those Cozy Nights:

Does a hot water bottle cover count? Can't commit to it entirely but it is something I have been meaning to get around to doing. A good way to practice some Intarsia or Fair Isle techniques.

Baby It's Cold Outside:


This is the most important category to get done! I have a hoodie, and a thick men's cardigan to serve me as outerwear. I muslined up the Leanne Marshall coat last December and was short on fabric to make the long version. I may see if I can fit the short length version on my existing yardage. If not I will have to look at putting aside some cash for some new fabric, or finding a different pattern.

I have fabric and notions for the Cordova jacket, I just need to print off the pattern and faff around with grading it up and a fba. Which is a less than thrilling series of events. I also intend to lower the neckline into a V, for no reason other than I would prefer it that way.

So those are my grand plans, 10 garments, 2 knitted items. I may add a cardigan or sweater to the list if I have all the correct needles/notions/yarn in my stash. I think a myrna is a possibility, I can always frog my badly fitting one if I need extra yarn. As this is fall essentials I won't include any plans for a Christmas dress, not that I really need one.

How is everyone else doing with their plans?

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